Our Story

How it Started

The idea began after the founder, TJ Lucero, investigated landscape lighting options for his then residence in California.  After weeks of investigating he found the big box stores offer cheap aluminum fixtures with few features and paint that quickly fades in the sun.  Surprisingly, he found many fixtures carried by professional landscape lighting companies could be found on Amazon and high-end feature rich products were up to several hundred dollars per fixture, and that was before factoring in installation costs!  Aesthetically the different fixtures rarely matched and depending upon the lighting requirement, could be a different color or material than the fixtures they would be paired with.

Luckily, across the country in Georgia, TJ has a close friend with over a decade in the landscape lighting business.  After a visit he confirmed what TJ found was true and after sensing an opportunity TJ used his background in technology and product operations on what would become a passion project and created the vision for Redwoods Landscape Lighting.


Designed for the Long Term

With so much waste from disposable and cheaply made products in the world, TJ knew he wanted to ensure the light fixtures would serve their purpose for years to come.

This led to two main product requirements:

  1. The housing material would be made of marine quality brass, not inexpensive aluminum, and would carry a lifetime warranty
  2. The fixture and lamp designs would be modular, allowing internal components to be easily upgraded and serviced in the future

What resulted from these two requirements goes beyond what TJ initially envisioned.  As an example the Redwood uplight has three light options:

  1. G6 module for use with any standard MR16 bulb
  2. High output InfiLight module with integrated Cree LED’s
  3. Smart app controlled InfiColor RGBW module capable of over 10,000 colors

All three modules can be swapped out of the Redwood uplight housing in seconds allowing future upgrades without changing the housing.


Redwoods is Born

By summer of 2018 TJ was fully ready to focus on the project.  Late that summer he resigned from his dream job and moved his family to Augusta, GA and founded Redwoods Landscape Lighting.

After a year of countless design iterations, prototypes, testing and feedback from expert lighting designers and installers, the first three fixtures are now available.


Just a Start

We're hard at work on additional landscape lighting products with a focus on the connected home and will soon launch our private online store for professional lighting designers and installers.  If you’re interested in keeping up to date with our products and services sign up below for our newsletter.

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Redwoods Landscape Lighting offers professional landscape lighting designers and installers high quality configurable fixtures across around cohesive product line with a focus on the connected home.