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Our Story

It started after the founder, TJ Lucero, investigated landscape lighting options for his then residence in California.

He found the big box stores offer featureless cheap aluminum fixtures that don't last and many fixtures carried by "professional" landscape lighting companies are easily found on Amazon. On the other end, feature rich products are overpriced at up to several hundred dollars per fixture.


Aesthetically the different fixtures rarely matched and depending upon the lighting requirement, could be a different color or material than the fixtures they would be paired with.

TJ discussed his findings with a close friend with over a decade in the landscape lighting business. He confirmed what TJ suspected. Sensing an opportunity TJ began an after work and weekend side project designing the first three fixtures which would become the Redwood accent, Aspen accent and Pine path.

By summer of 2018 TJ was ready to fully focus on the project. Late that summer he resigned from his full time job and moved the family to Augusta, GA and founded Redwoods Landscape Lighting.

Today Redwoods offers a full product line sold throughout the USA and Canada only through approved and trained professional installers.

Our Mission

Redwoods was founded in 2018 with the mission to design and produce high quality landscape lighting solutions for professional designers and installers.

After shipping our first three fixtures in 2019, we now offer a full line of white and full color RGB fixtures and have over 100K fixtures installed throughout the US and Canada.

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