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Durable, high quality materials

High quality materials and components make the difference

Non-recycled brass

Housing will patina naturally and won't rust

e-coat paint process

Electrodeposition results in a highly adhesive corrosion resistant coating

80+ CRI LED's

Ensures colors are faithfully rendered

Borosilicate glass

Able to withstand high temperature differentials

PA66 thermoplastic

UV resistant engineering grade thermoplastic withstands cold and heat extremes

Custom optics

Designed to maximize output and clarity of the light

Fully potted drivers

Prolongs fixture life by protecting circuit from moisture and increasing heat dissipation

316 stainless alloy

Alloy that provides high corrosion resistance and is ideal for marine environments

High temp o-rings

Specialized silicone o-rings keep a tight seal so water stays out

Aluminum alloys

Corrosion resistant with a anodized layer for additional protection

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